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Lumbee Enterprises® was founded in 1990 as a technology driven provider third party inspection. As a progressive, innovative company dedicated to deliver best-in-class services, we created LumbeeApps, our proprietary web-based Inspection and Rework Process software solution that equips you to make accurate decisions to ensure seamless operations.

LumbeeApps provides the following advantages:

  • Industry-leading part-by-part Quality Issues reporting
  • 24/7 web-based visibility to all current customer jobs
  • Real-time reporting on all current jobs
  • Micro- and macro-level inspection results tracking
  • Delivers automated daily inspection results report to customers
  • Dashboards, department summaries, Pareto charts

LumbeeApps is nimble and customizable to meet the specific needs of your project in a way that makes the most sense for you. Your data is exportable to your own databases, allowing you to track our associates on your site, view inspection reports, track rework pieces and material movements, view a complete summary of work orders – even view images of found defects.

LiveSort is a valuable custom data-capture tool we train all Lumbee associates thoroughly in. It improves job efficiency by:

  • Reducing Paperwork
  • Increasing Accuracy
  • Delivering real-time data
  • Eliminating Handwritten Notations
  • Uploading Work Orders
  • Showing defect images for visual inspection