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Providing best-in-class services to our customers requires top quality associates. We invest in our associates and their futures, witnessed by our nearly 95 percent employee retention rate. Longevity creates continuity, allowing us to provide our clients the sort of reliable results that builds trust, making Lumbee their preferred vendor.

We provide our associates customized, world-class training to meet the exacting demands of the globe’s top automotive manufacturers by partnering with local education centers and offering LiveSort and virtual training.

We equip our associates with specialized, functional automotive training in such disciplines as metal finishing, welding, flashing, plastics, leather, paint, and more.

Before we hire our associates, we subject all of our inspectors to meticulous, comprehensive testing to assess their:

  • Attention to detail
  • Reading comprehension
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Light industrial skills
  • Vision (near, far, color and peripheral)
  • Hearing

After passing these tests, all inspectors are thoroughly trained in the use of basic monitoring and measurement devices, such as calipers, micrometers, count scales and torque wrenches.

Finally, inspectors undergo job-specific training with supervisors and auditors prior to project start-up. Lumbee®’s customer relations approach is rooted in collaborative partnerships, a value we instill in all our associates.


Lumbee-U®’s Core Curriculum includes:

  • Safety
  • Core Values
  • Quality Manual
  • Operations Manual
  • Manufacturing Etiquette
  • Site Visit
  • Mock Inspection
  • Compliance

Lumbee-U®’s ability rate progression (ARP’s) program provides specialized training to deliver an empowered, dedicated workforce. Subject matter experts in each specialized field provide necessary training, that translates into a win-win:  higher customer satisfaction and higher associate earning.

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