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Your Leader in Quality Manufacturing, Sorting, Inspection and Sub-Assembly Operations.

When you demand unrivaled quality control. When you require line-level reporting. When you strive for nothing less than uninterrupted supply chains. When you cannot afford to play the waiting game. We are committed to your world.

We Offer One Simple Approach:
Listen. Then Deliver.


We put our innovative, proprietary tools in the hands of our supremely trained associates to provide you best-in-class, results-driven quality management services.


Tech-driven since our founding, we have developed LumbeeApps, our proprietary web-based software solution that equips you to make accurate, time-saving decisions to keep your processes rolling unimpeded.

About Us

For three decades automotive manufacturing Quality Control Professionals have relied on us to provide best-in-class inspection and rework services to keep their lines running seamlessly and without interruption.

Employment / Lumbee-U®

Our associates are our number-one asset. That’s why we have an almost 95 percent retention rate. After passing rigorous pre-employment screening, our associates graduate from Lumbee-U® equipped to provide our customers world-class services.

Industries We Serve

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